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Zamboanga City - Beatiful Island attract tourists

When mentioning the Philippines, people often refer to Boracay or Palawan, but the country of more than 7,000 islands has plenty of other unspoiled beaches to explore. One of them is the beautiful beaches owned by the city of Zamboanga. There will be a lot of tourist attractions that need to be explored here.

The most prominent is Sta. Cruz Grande, Zamboanga: The special feature of Cruz Grande is that you can see a romantic pink from a distance. This color is due to the red coral powder mixed in the sand. This is one of the best beaches in the Philippines no wonder why National Geographic listed this pink beach at sta.cruz island as one of the beautiful beaches in the world. The water was so clear and beautiful!

Bayangan Island - Great Place to Dive because the water clarity and fish were great, the facilities on the island are not world class but are comfortable while the local people are great. This is a very nice island and labason's pride.

Merloquet Falls is a beautiful stunning falls about 2 hour drive from Zamboanga city. If you enjoy exploring nature and virgin waterfalls, then by all means visit this place. It's really nice to witness the beauty of un-corrupted nature. View is stunning. You can climb by a side road to reach the pool at the top.

Zamboanga City not only attracts tourists by many beautiful islands, Fort Pilar also is another destination must visit if you are in Zamboanga. The place is a charming one especially that it is an old structure. Your visit in Zamboanga will not be complete if you won't visit this place. The local from despite the color, race and religion respect this place. You should take time to go here because this is the worth the visit.

Zamboanga City Hall with a very beautiful architecture is also another must-visit destination. The city hall is located in a center of Zamboanga. The building is a Spanish style, as Zamboanga is one of the Filipino cities which were strongly influenced by Spanish culture. And when it is Christmas season you would really feel it with their Christmas light display.

There are many interesting destinations in Zamboanga waiting for you to explore such as KCC Mall de Zamboanga, Pasonanca Park, or Paseo del Mar. It will be easy to get here from Manila, Daovao or any of the Philippines domestic airports. Wait any longer; plan to explore Zamboanga with your family and friends this summer.