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Daovao – The ideal stop-over for the Philippines tour

There is something in Davao city that you won’t experience often in other areas of the Philippines, and that is a local experience. Life is here, this is Davao's slogan and the first impression for tourists. Not as famous as Cebu, Manila or Boracay but Davao still has its differences to not be lost in the famous tourist destinations of the Philippines. Learn more about the best things to do in Davao City:

Davao is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and impressive historical culture. The Davao Riverfront complex with Crocodile Park - the most attractive destination of this complex. Besides crocodiles, the park also has other wildlife, a butterfly house and Tribu K’mindanawan a cultural village with an impressive fire dance performance. The Dabawenyo museum is a place for visitors to learn about the history and culture of this land.

Besides, there are many interesting activities here. The journey to cross the Davao River on a raft along powerful waters will be an unforgettable experience for visitors. There are also other interesting attractions such as: Zorb Park and water ball, Outland and Zip city, Deca Wake Park, Eden Nature Park, Malagos Garden resort. Davao is really a very novel and attractive destination for tourists in Philippines tours.

As a highland city of the Philippines with many tourist symbols such as the highest Apo mountain in the Philippines (3412m), waling waling orchids or durian. However, the symbol is considered the pride of the Davao people as the eagle. This is considered the cradle of the world's largest eagle variety with wing spread of up to 2m. This bird is strictly preserved in the Philippine eagle conservation center. Samal Island is home to millions of bats and Montfort Bat Cave recorded by Guinness World Records as the largest bat cave in the world.

Try experiencing the feeling of wandering and enjoying the nightlife at Roxas Night Market: Like all other night markets, this is the best time to see the authentic city! Makeshift stalls and food carts, small tables and low stools and lots of items to choose from are found at the Roxas Night Market

In terms of cuisine, Daovao is famous for the attractive dishes processed using crocodiles and ostriches or outstanding desserts such as cassava dumplings, or durian covered in cream and other fruits. You can also admire durians bringing a distinctly delicious taste.

Davao has a lot of shopping centers and most of them have cinemas and supermarkets. A number of great centers for your shopping: Center Point Plaza, Gaisano Grand CitiMall and Victoria Plaza Mall. There is everything from fashion to electronics here.

*****How to get there!!!

  • The only mean of transport to visit Dao Vao is the plane and you will have to transit in the Manila capital and then connect the domestic flight to Daovao.
  • Use common vehicles such as taxis, buses ... or some typical vehicles that you will often see as Jeepney and Tricycle to go around Daovao.

Davao is indeed an ideal destination in your Philippines journey. From Davao’s highest mountain peaks to the wonders of its wild and ferocious beasts, to a walk through a night market or the sweet chocolate museum of the city, what else can we say? Davao has it all!