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Jakarta is a typical Southeast Asian metropolis with everything that one would imagine it to be; the immense network of highways, roads and lanes are packed with vehicles and scooters, and the ultra-modern skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls and amusement complexes boast entertainment. Hand in hand with all that opulence, there are traditional street vendors and ancient religious architecture, but also some of the world`s poorest slums. All that serves to almost 10 million inhabitants and crowds of curious visitors who come to see the discover the surprises hidden on every corner of the Indonesian capital. These are some tourist highlights not to be missed when in Jakarta.

Metropolitan as it is, Jakarta attracts people from across the archipelago to live and make a living there. That makes the city a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicity, although most locals in Bali are Balinese and Javanese. Bali’s local culture is fascinating to observe, but Jakarta’s diversity creates a unique dynamic that offers you plenty of different things to try and see, from people, food, customs, even houses of worship to visit.

Museums are worth a visit in Jakarta, its one way to learn about Indonesia’s history and culture. Jakarta History Museum will transport back in time during the Dutch colonial, Museum Bank of Indonesia will take you on the journey of Indonesia’s national bank. National Monument is not only a stunning tower, but full of history as well. If you’re into artifacts, National Museum might be for you as it showcases interesting artifacts, ceramics and paintings and sculptures.

Jakarta is one of South East Asia’s best shopping cities. There are countless of shopping malls in Jakarta. People often visit Jakarta just to shop! It’s like you can find anything you want, from local to international brands. From Pasaraya’s vast of handicrafts to luxury malls like Grand Indonesia and over 170 malls you’ll surely love Jakarta. It’s a Shopper’s paradise! After a great day of shopping, you can just throw yourself in bed in a comfortable bed. Fairmont Jakarta is pretty much near one of Jakarta’s shopping haven – Plaza Senayan. As long as you know where to shop, you’re good to go! Shop till you drop!

Glodok, or the Jakarta`s Chinatown, is part of the Old Town Kota Batavia and it is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. Naturally, it features bustling atmosphere, busy streets and, dazzling markets, beautiful temples but also some of the biggest shopping malls in South-East Asia (Mall Taman Anggrek”, also called the ‘Orchid Garden Mall’ and Mangga Dua).

The network of lanes between the Pancoran Street and Gunung Street is packed with ojeks, scooters and bicycles, and it is easy to get lost in that vast labyrinth of lanes that all look the same.

When it comes to nightlife, Jakarta offers plenty of lively night experience. From chill bars with cocktails to dancing to the beat in one of those clubs, Jakarta is a sure way for night entertainment. Clubs are sprouting like almost every now and then proposing a unique nightlife to everyone. Fantastic clubs include Jenja, Immigrant, Dragonfly, Blowfish, Colloseum, Empirica and the list could go on and on. Skye is an a must to visit with awesome skyscraper view of the city which reminded me of Heli Lounge in KL. Whatever clubs you choose either to meet new people, enjoy a cocktail, dance till the wee hours, or just simply partying with friends, Jakarta will absolutely give you a memorable and who knows the best nightlife of your life!

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