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Traveling in Bohol

Bohol is one of the Philippines’s top attractions with beautiful beaches, unspoiled natural landscapes and famous resorts. There are many interesting things in Bohol waiting for you to discover, the Tasiers with big cute eyes, Chocolate hill, Panglao island with clear water and fine white sand, Loboc river like in fairyland, go Zipline or cable car to across the forest ... A journey of 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights will be enough for you to explore this interesting and wild island.

How to get there!!!

- From Manila, it is easy to get here because there are a few flights daily from Manila to Tagbilaran Airport in Bohol Island.

- From Cebu: There are two options: air and waterways. You should take the train because it is very close while the price is much cheaper than the plane.

On a small note, when taking a train from Cebu to Bohol, there are many ports in Bohol Island, so remember to search Google maps to get the train to the right port for your scheduled trip. Bohol's main port is Tagbilaran, and there are also Tugibon and Talibon ports.

- Moving on the island. The main means of transport in Bohol is motorcycles. Motorbike rental price is about 500Peso / day. If your group does not want to ride a motorbike, you can rent a car privately.

What's interesting in Bohol???

Bohol is called island province, not a city, the capital city of Bohol is Tagbilaran, and 75 surrounding small islands, of which Panglao Island is famous destination for tourists who like to go swimming, diving, or other interesting activites. There will be a lot of things to do at Panglao Island like Island Hopping Tour and watching dolphins, enjoying the night life with full of bars, café shop, restaurant, resort ... or admire the clear blue water and pure white sand at the Alona beach, experience the sense of seclusion and cleanliness at Bikini Beach, Panglao or explore Hinagdanan cave with its blue underground water flow enough for visitors to bathe there.

Meanwhile, Tagbilaran is famous for Chocolate Hill with lots of chocolate-colored hills in the dry season, it is also very interesting when tourists can eat buffet on the calm blue Loboc River or visit Tarsier dwarf monkey sanctuary or explore many wonderful waterfalls here like Kawasan waterfall.

Should be on Panglao Island instead of Tagbilaran to enjoy the vibrant nightlife at Alona beach

Please refer to some attractive dining places in Bohol such as Bohol Bee Farm with delicious honey pizza or Payag Restaurant which is famous for Filipino chicken.

There will be many interesting things to explore in Bohol. So, bring your backpack up and go today.