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Dipolog - Best things to do for outdoor enthusiastics

Dipolog located in the south of the Philippines is a charming blend of a traditional city and the freshness of a progressive city. Dipolog city has a friendly atmosphere, a multicultural environment, and plentiful natural scenery. When putting your foot on this land, in addition to exploring the beautiful nature, do not forget to enjoy the unique and attractive dishes.

Start your adventure at the heart of the city - Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral. This is one of the must-visit places in Dipolog. The Cathedral faces the scenic view of the sea. Its wide space provides the solemnity for prayer. It’s very old and breath taking to see in person. It’s a must see when you come to dipolog.

As part of a country of thousands of islands, Dipolog also possesses beautiful beaches and islands such as Aliguay Island with cycling experience around stone-paved countryside, mangrove forests or coastal fishing villages ... or Dakak beach resort with unforgettable games like swimming pool, kayaking, admiring the traditional performance when night falls...

For an eagle’s view of the city, go to the Linabo Peak where the challenge of taking 3,003 steps awaits. The climb will be worth it, though; at the peak, the view of Dipolog is truly breathtaking. Pun intended.

If you have an adventurous soul, schedule a trek at Cogon Ecotourism Park, as well. Enjoy communing with nature and take splash at Sungkilaw Falls while you’re at it!

There are many restaurants in this city; you can choose Philippines, Chinese or Western meals. Don't forget to enjoy some delicious dishes here such as Montaño’s Sardines, Ginisang Bagoong (fermented anchovies) or assortment of pastries and cake at Cathy’s Kitchen and Classic Bakeshop.

At night, the modest city is transformed into a vibrant capital. The boulevard becomes lively with acoustic music. Dine at our local version of McDo. You’ll never expect Dipolog could be such a lively spectacle at night.

Travel Tips for Dipolog City:

  • There are daily flights from Manila to get there. Therefore, better you should book a ticket soon to get a great promotion.
  • To travel around the city, hire a taxi driver to guide you, just bargain about the price before you hire.
  • It is best to travel in May to join in the Pagsalabuk Festival and the Saint Vincent Ferrer Honor Ceremony

Set up a plan to get wonderful Dipolog - the Gateway to Western Mindanao, or the gateway to your new experience right now!!!