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Kalibo - Why should we go?

Kalibo has long held its position as a first-class city and a gateway of the Western Visayas area. Not only that, Kalibo is also knowed as a beautiful city in the Philippines with unique festivals and colorful cuisine. This will certainly be an attractive destination for any tourist who wants to change the boring atmosphere.

Philippines is a country with a sea-influenced climate, to enjoy the best vacation in Kalibo, you should travel Kalibo, Philippines in October to May next year.

Destination not to be missed in Kalibo

Boracay Pearl Island - the most famous island of Kalibo in particular and the Philippines in general. Boracay owns two beautiful coastal areas, which overlap each other, including: Bulabog in the East and White Beach in the West. The East coast is quite peaceful and unspoiled, an ideal place for couples to take a break. While White Beach is the main area focusing Boracay's tourists with countless bustling activities.

Bakhawan mangrove forest - one of the most prominent ecotourism sites in Kalobo helps you discover the native flora and fauna of the Philippines.

Sampaguita Garden: a novel breath of air in the system of diverse resorts of the city with the design and layout in a very unique style.

There are many famous and long-standing historical churches and museums. You can visit Kalibo Church - the place where Sto. Nino Pope is kept or Museo It Akean - a famous museum in the city which exhibits the souvenir of Gabriel M. Reyes Bishop, exhibits and tools, religious relics, coins, art works, etc., have appeared since the Spanish era.

Not only that, in Kalibo, you will also find Gaisano - the first and second largest main shopping center in Kalibo, after the Royal Supermart Mall, which always attracts visitors to shopping, visiting, playing when traveling to Kalibo in the Philippines.

Ati-atihan is a festival that you can't miss when visiting Kalibo. This is the largest, colorful and oldest history spring festival in the Philippines with more than 800 years old, held in the third week of January every year.

Enjoy great local dishes such as: Hinubarang Manok - a chicken dish cooked with coconut water and banana stalks in bamboo tubes, Hamburger has a more special flavor than other places, Local Food, charming BBQ or Fruit shake.

Have you seen the Kalibo’s charm? With just a few days of travel in Kalibo, you will be immersed in new sensations and keep the most precious moments in the Philippines' best city. Book tickets from Manila to this city for a great experience right now.