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Siargao Island

Located in the form of an extremely impressive teardrop in the ocean is a hideaway paradise called Siargao. It is the “Surfing Capital” of the Philippines. Also known as “Sportsfishing Capital” of the Philippines (Pilar). Siargao Island has a lot more to offer aside from it is well-known for gigantic waves. Many people say that when coming to Siargao you do not want to leave your feet. What makes Siargao special?

  • As one of the top 10 surfing spots in the world ranking: Being the most ideal surfing place in the Philippines and throughout Asia, perhaps it is not surprising that Cloud 9 of Siargao is named in the list of the 10 best places in the world for surfing. Great surfing spots include Guyam Island, Jacking Horse or Tuesday. Each weather feature is suitable for a different place so you need to study carefully to choose the right time.
  • Siargao named as Philippines's unique water drop welcomes visitors with pure white sand beaches and small coral reefs. The peace, the clean and smooth beach, the turquoise blue water, the green trees and the open space make the whole world praise. You can have the opportunity to admire the kilometer of white sand stretches from Cloud 9 to General Luna village and easily find yourself a quiet place to relax without fear of being annoyed.
  • Siargao not only has the sea but also many interesting things. You will easily see sea turtles, big fish, jellyfish or corals under the clear blue water and a variety of other terrestrial. Del Carmen area owns a large forest with many activities such as boating to admire the entire forest or register adventure tour exploring wild life of animals here.
  • The people here are extremely friendly. Coming here, visitors will immediately be impressed by the enthusiasm and hospitality and friendliness of the indigenous people. You will enjoy the innocence and honesty of the children. You will be enchanted with the enthusiasm of the people when you cannot find a laundry, so people will help you right at their home.
  • Enjoy fresh seafood. Seafood is the main product in resorts and restaurants in General Luna, barracuda at Siargao Inn and Sagaki tataki in Sagana always leads in the list of dishes to try. When it comes to street food you can't ignore it.

Some tips:

  • To get to Siargao, you will fly over Manila and then connect to Cebu and continue to fly to Siargao (45-minute flight time from Cebu by plane).
  • Most island destinations focus on the area between General Luna and Cloud 9. This is the best area for you to find accommodation.

Now there are enough reasons for you to know how beautiful Siargao is. Book now a tour to Siargao.