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Calbayog City - Samar' brightest sunshine

Calbayog is not only a historic city, but it is also famous for its large and beautiful waterfalls. For its secret trappings of quaintness, adventure, convenience & gentility, Calbayog City is truly one town you will never grow tired visiting over & over.

Discover why you should visit this city once:

Known as a city with lots of waterfalls in which the most popular waterfalls are Bangon, Tarangban & Pan-as and Bangon in Brgy. Bangon-Bugtong waterfall is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Calbayog with a height of 60 meters and right at the top, there is a pond big enough for you to go swimming, with a 30 meter (98 foot) diameter. With a great atmosphere around and surrounded by trees and flying birds, once you get to the top, you will not regret coming here.

No doubt, Calbayog City has the most scenic zipline spots in the country. At 750 meters, it may not be the longest but the view over the turquoise waters of Samar Sea is absolutely fantastic.

If you love peace, take a boat down the Bolongto River, with all of its pretty stillness, this river makes it a wonderful spot for stand-up paddle boarding. Or the Malopalo Marble Park is a sight to behold.

Malajog Beach and Isla Pawikan & Biyatungan Island are also ideal places to experience snorkeling & diving. Or experience adventure under the Waray sunshin in Malajog Beach.

In particular, Calbayog City is also an ideal place for history lovers. Visit the Samar Archaeological Museum in Calbayog to admire a collection of archeological objects from the region, such as cups, saucers, old coins, old household items and chalices used since the 14th century.

Surely, no one goes hungry in Calbayog City. Being a coastal town, expect an overload of seafood dishes to fill your gastronomic wanderings. But above its famed Waray cuisine, the city is known for having the best tinapa or smoked fish in the country.

There is a lot of work to do in Calbayog City, from exploring beautiful waterfalls, experiencing adventure games, relaxing at beaches to exploring history here. Everything brings the unique beauty of Calbayog city. All of them have their own unique look and beauty. Exploration is just about the most exciting part about visiting a new place. You might even discover something that has never been unveiled before!

Visit Calbayog for an unforgettable experience!