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Ozamiz - Ideal destination for Nature Lovers

Ozamiz is the third city of Misamis Occidental province in the Philippines. The Ozamiz city evolved from an old Spanish town called Misamis. No noisy and bustling as other major cities of the Philippines, Ozamiz is famous for pristine natural scenery, with a very private mystery that is very stimulates curiosity of tourists. Almost all nature and scenery here are not affected by the major types of tourism. If you love wild nature, this is an extremely ideal place for you this summer.

Once you have arrived in this city, there will be many attractive places that will definitely inspire you to explore:

Cotta Ford military building - bearing the historical mark of the Spanish army. The Cotta Fort is a stone fort built along the shores of Panguil Bay which is now the Port of Ozamiz. Now, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Ozamic.

Naomi’s Botanical Garden: a 9 hectare garden, surrounded by fruit trees, ornamental plants and ceramic shops. Currently, the garden has become one of the most attractive attractions in Ozamiz with integrated entertainment areas and fully furnished hotels.

Ozamiz has a lot of parks worth visiting:

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park: a tropical resort, and also a prominent habitat for diverse sea animals in Mindanao, Philippines. The main highlight of this park is the offshore artificial island called Dolphin Island. Here, visitors will swim and have fun with this kind of smart and friendly fish.

Or Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park is an ideal place for adventure lovers with the longest and highest zipline in the country and is also a good place to rest and relax.

There are many other tourist attractions in Ozamiz that will surely strain your feet like Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Bukagan Hill Bell Tower, various heritage houses, which were constructed during the Spanish era, can be found along the streets of Ozamiz City or Mount Malindang Golf and Country Club.

Ozamiz City combines the best of both old and new world, relaxing and adventurous. Whether you are a history lover or someone who doesn't have a new experience, the city still has something for you.

It take about 782 kilometers from Manila, Ozamiz has nearly 10 airports with the nearest airport is Labo, so it is easy to set foot in this beautiful city of Ozamiz. Start your travel journey now.