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For most of the world, Australia is on the over side of the world, a foreign land far far away. And Australia’s crown jewel is undoubtedly Sydney. With some the world’s most beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and unforgettable experiences, everyone should have the city on their bucket list. Here are our top reasons why you need to visit Sydney.

The big thing in Sydney is, without doubt, the Sydney Opera House. It is beautifully located on Sydney Harbour, and is one of Australia's World Heritage sites. For visitors to Sydney, it is the perfect backdrop for "I was there" travel photos. You can take your pictures on the approach to the Opera House, on its forecourt, across the water from West Circular Quay in the vicinity of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, or from Mrs Macquaries Point where you can have both the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

We all yearn for fresh air and sea water to escape from the hustle and bustle but in Sydney, you don’t have to choose between city life and beach life. Here, they happen simultaneously! Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches like Bondi and Manly have become beacons for people from all over the world, and are located not far from the city centre. But if the crowds aren’t for you, there are also plenty of other quieter beaches to explore like the northern beaches of Avalon and Cronulla.

Most of Australia is still untouched and in its natural state. As already mentioned, Australia is the perfect place to sunbathe at stunning beaches, go diving at the Great Barrier Reef (more on that below), bask in wide-open spaces, and camp surrounded by wildlife.

Again this is usually part of the "I was there" photographic record and for those who do the Bridge Climb a unique "I did that" moment. For those who don't climb the bridge, walking or bicycling on the bridge across the harbour is certainly possible. Sydney Harbour Bridge was 80 years old in 2012, having been officially opened in 1932. The bridge and Sydney Opera House are Sydney's most iconic features.

Sydney harbour was where Captain Cook sailed into Sydney and the English colonisation began. You can explore many heritage areas from this era, in particular Rocks Precinct. But long before he and his fleet arrived, indigenous Australians had called Sydney home for centuries. The best way to learn more and experience the city of the Sydney, visit the Sydney Museum.

Generally speaking Australia has incredibly enviable weather year round but Sydney is extra spoilt. This good weather means you can enjoy some of the most incredible outdoor experiences to enjoy whenever you visit. Some of the must-do experiences include taking a scenic seaplane tour of the harbour, climbing the famous Harbour Bridge, snorkelling in Gordons Bay and kayaking to Shark Island.

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