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Legazpi City: The City of Fun and Adventure

Legpazi City calls itself “the city of fun and adventure” and for good reason. Mayon volcano, its jewel, is what this city brings tourism development. But the Mayon volcano is not the only reason Legazpi has become so popular and attractive, there are many other things to visit here that must be expored.

The attractions surrounding the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano are really great places for photography enthusiasts:

- Cagsawa Ruins Park only located away from Mt. Mayon a verdant rice field is what mysterious thriller movies are made of.

- Mayon Volcano National Park is a place where you can get closer to Mt.Mayon. You can walk along the volcanic base, take a tour of ATV or go with a jeep that will take you near the observation decks.

- The beautiful Vera Falls is located between two volcanoes on the other side of Mt. Mayon is an ideal place for you to unleash your excitement after a hot and tiring day.

Experience exciting outdoor activities

Legazpi is famous for many interesting activities like zip-liner, parachuting and diving. The city is also the starting place for other adventure and underwater activities such as river rafting and waterfall exploration, game play, island hopping, windsurfing and whale sharks. Even TV shows: 'Asian Amazing Race' have introduced some activities here.

Discover excellent local cuisine

Your Legazpi tour will be not perfect when you haven't tried their local cuisine. Stop at a local restaurant to try their famous bicol Express and Pinangat that everyone loves despite its pungent taste. You can also try some dishes from their pork like stewed pork, many different meats and pig blood.

Stroll and explore the city's historic sites and landmarks.

Tourists can take a walk at Legazpi's Rizal Park or Peñaranda Park and take a selfie at the Liberty Bell and Peñaranda monument. People can also visit real-size statues and hundreds-year-old churches such as the Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Raphael and Saint Gregory Churches. Clearly, this city was created for architectural addicts.

Ideal shopping location:

If you're a shopping addict, bring home some of Legazpi City's local products and delicacies at their markets. Tourists can visit Pacific Mall Legazpi, the first full-size shopping center in Bicol. Other centers at Legazpi include Embarcadero de Legazpi, which is also a night market where you can shop all night.

You can visit Legazpi by many means but the fastest and most convenient way is to travel by air with travel time from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Because you will take at least 9 hours to get Legazpi by other means such as buses.

Whether the above reasons are enough to convince you to set foot in this fun and adventure city? Plan a tour to visit Philippines from now on and don't miss this fascinating city.