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Moalboal – the beautiful municipalities in Cebu

Referring to the Philippines, we will often hear about popular destination which is not to be missed here such as Boracay, Iloilo, Palawan and other famous islands. However, Cebu City is also a place worth visiting. Not only is a city worth living, there are many tourist attractions worth exploring for tourists in this city. One is the beautiful municipalities in Cebu known as Moalboal.

As same as other destinations in Cebu, the most fascinating feature of Moalboal is the diving experience. But what makes Moalboal become special is the swarms of sardines that you can admire every day. Besides many relaxing activities, this place also has a pretty beach, but if you don't want to go scuba diving, there are many more beautiful destinations in the Philippines for you to visit.

You can try cuba diving: Sardines concentrates into herds, making Cebu's diving game more attractive than ever. Just jump into the water, immerse yourself in the deep blue waters of the ocean, you can admire thousands of "fishermen" swimming through. Crowded sardines that constantly change the "formation" become an interesting, lively phenomenon when viewed closely. A bit away from the coast, there are brilliant coral reefs for you to explore.

Although this destination is known as Moalboal, in fact, everything is the most jubilant around Panagsama coast. This place is not a sand beach. If you're a sea lover, it's best to go to White Beach, only 20 minutes by bike. This beach does not lead to beaches in Palawan, but it is quite suitable for relaxing on cold days.

It takes about 20km from Cebu to the majestic Kawasan waterfall. Unfortunately, this place is now quite crowded with tourists. More adventurous, you can experience the feeling of exploring canyons, climbing mountains, jumping, sliding down a waterfall with ropes and swimming in the river.

Moalboal a small town with very beautiful, quiet beaches with clear and blue water and many things to do in Molboal for spending a week or a weekend if you dont have enough time. It’s a perfect plan to escape from Cebu City– to go to Moalboal and spend a few days in the town which is just a 3-hour bus ride from the main city in Cebu.

Let set a plan to explore Cebu and this beautiful Moalboal city for this summer now.