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Clark - A miniature California in the heart of the Philippines

The Philippines is perhaps one of the most unique countries geographically, as it comprises of over 7,000 islands! Whenever people think about travelling to the Philippines, cities such as Palawan, Boracay and Cebu may come to mind first, but Clark is another city perfect for business or leisure.

Compared to other cities in the Philippines, it has a fresher atmosphere, this is the reason why it is called a miniature California.

Clark's climate is not much different from other regions. From May to October is the rainy season and the dry season lasts from November to April next year. Therefore, the most appropriate time for Clark tourism is from November to April next year.

Clark is busy with many big commercial centers. As one of the Philippines's Special Economic Zones, it has many major commercial centers: SM City Clark shopping center, Marquee - Ayala Mall center, Nepo Mall center. If you love the noise and bustle? You can visit the night bar club, beer club and restaurants in the Walking street or Korean Town with the unique Korean eateries are also a a dining area worth a try here.

Besides the interesting spots, Clark is famous for the glorious historical sites. The Clark Museum provides a comprehensive overview of the history, geology, and way of life of a Filipino living in Clark. Clark is also famous for The Salakot - a monument shaped like a farmer's hat. Besides, you can also visit Fontana Water Pank, visit Kelly Theater ancient theater or relax and picnic in Clark Sacobia valley or visit Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

Unique festivals that can't be missed at Clank such as the Philippines' International Balloon Fiesta - held in February or the giant Flower garlands festival held in San Fernando are really attractive to tourists.

Clank is famous for a lot of attractive dishes like kare kare, Lumpia, Balut, Siomai, Turon or Taho douhua. Visit 25 Seeds, a farm-to-table restaurant helmed by Chef Sau Del Rosario. This farm-to-table restaurant that serves Kampampangan cuisine is the second brainchild of Chef Sau Del Rosario, following his success of Café Fleur.

****How to get there?

  • You can fly directly to Manila airport and move to Crank. To get to Crank, you must catch a transfer bus inside Manila airport or take a taxi to the Five Star Bus - the car company is assessed to have the best service. Travel time from 2-3 hours depending on traffic situation.
  • You can go around Clark city by taxi or Tricycle and Jeepneys with cheaper price rate. Visitors can stroll around the city with colorful decorated jeepneys, naming owners' preferences and always ready to pick up at any point.

Please put Clank city into your next destination in the Philippines journey to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful and no less attractive natural picture here!