Baggage Information

Baggage Allowances


Depending regulations of each airline, baggage policies will be specified as follows:


I.  Philippine Airlines tickets:

Cabin baggage: 7kg with total size 115cm (56cm length, 36cm width and 23cm height). 

A. In addition to the free carry-on baggage allowance, a passenger is allowed to carry on-board one (1) of any of the following items:

  • a small handbag
  • pocketbook or purse
  • an overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • laptop with case - maximum dimension: 18 inches X 14 inches X 8 inches (45 cm X 35 cm X 20 cm)
  • a reasonable amount of reading material
  • duty free bag
  • infant's food for consumption in flight

B. Passengers are permitted to bring ONE of the following at no charge in addition to the personal items as mentioned in item A

  • For persons with disabilities, assistive devices are allowed to be carried for free (e.g. canes, crutches, walkers, and collapsible / foldable / manual wheelchairs* provided that these can be stored in designated priority stowage areas, overhead bins, or under the seats, consistent with applicable government safety requirements)
  • small musical instrument (except Guitars) properly packed in a rigid protective case Guitars cannot fit in the overhead compartment of the aircraft or under the passenger seats. To ensure accommodation on flight, all guitars shall be accepted only as check-in baggage whether contained in a hard or soft case. Musical instruments shall be free of charge if within the free baggage allowance of the passenger and within 39inches (100cm) in length.
  • a small camera or binoculars

If your baggage size and weight is more than above allowances, please pack it as checked baggage.


Checked baggage


Each flight ticket has its own Free Baggage Allowance policy and you may be required to pay for excess fee if your connecting flight with other airlines has lower baggage allowance.




Fare Benefit    Economy Supersaver      Economy Saver       Economy Value     Economy Flex Premium Economy     Business Value Business Flex
Free baggage allowances   No bags   10KG 20KG 20KG 25KG 30KG 35KG

*Maximum free baggage allowance for  Q  - Bombardier Q300/400 & DH - De Havilland Dash 8, 4, 3 are 10KG.


Economy ticket classes: 25kg (within Asia except Korea - 20kg)

Premium class: 30kg (within Asia except Korea  - 25kg)

Business classes: 35kg (within Asia except Korea - 30kg & 35kg)

For more information about your checked bagagge, kindly email to or it can be seen in your booking details.


Baggage Clearance: For connecting flights with different terminals (in Manila), check-in baggage all the way to final destinations may not be allowed due to facility limitations and CIQ requirements. In this case, Passengers are required to claim your baggage and clear with Customs upon arrival.


Prepaid baggage


Domestic Rates



Rate in USD (with VAT)


USD 15


USD 22


USD 35


USD 70

International Prepaid Baggage (Weight System) in blocks of 5kgs:

USD10 service fee should be included.



Rate per Sector


Manila – Xiamen or v.v. USD 45
Manila – Jinjiang or v.v.
Manila – Canton or v.v.
Manila – Singapore or v.v. USD 45
Manila – Taipei or v.v.
Manila – Bangkok or v.v.
Manila – Saigon or v.v.
Manila – Hanoi or v.v.
Manila – Phnom Penh or v.v. 
Manila – Hong Kong or v.v.
Manila – Macau or v.v.
Manila – Beijing or v.v.
Manila – Shanghai or v.v.
Manila – Denpasar or v.v.
Manila – Jakarta or v.v.
Manila – Kuala Lumpur
Cebu/Kalibo – Chengdu or v.v.
Manila – Busan or v.v. USD 60
Manila – Seoul or v.v.
Manila – Port Moresby or v.v. USD 70
Manila – Auckland or v.v. USD 100
Manila – Brisbane or v.v.
Manila – Sydney/Melbourne or v.v.
Manila - London or v.v USD 215
Taipei - Osaka or v.v. -

International Prepaid Baggage (Piece)


Sector 1st pc (USD) 2nd pc (USD)
Manila – Dubai or v.v.  USD 110 USD 110
Manila – Doha or v.v.
Manila – Dammam or v.v.
Manila – Riyadh or v.v.
Manila – Osaka / Narita / Nagoya / Fukuoka / Haneda / Sapporo or v.v.  USD 110  USD 110
Guam or v.v.  USD 110  USD 110
Manila – New York / Los Angeles / San Francisco / Honolulu vv  USD 165  USD 165
Manila – Vancouver or v.v.  USD 165  USD 165
Manila – Toronto or v.v.  USD 190  USD 190

Note: Total of 23kgs per piece. 


Important notice


  1. Prepaid baggage is subject to the Airline’s Terms and Conditions.
  2. Prices are valid for point-to-point travel.
  3. 10kgs prepaid baggage can be availed by passengers travelling on PR routes utilizing Q400 aircraft.
  4. Prepaid baggage is available for purchase at the time of booking up to 24 hours prior to the departure time.
  5. For domestic routes, one passenger is allowed to purchase 40kg prepaid checked baggage. Standard excess baggage rate shall apply in excess of the 40kgs prepaid baggage purchased.
  6. For the weight system, only one prepaid baggage purchase is allowed with a total maximum limitation of 20kgs per person per sector, except on routes with restrictions.  Standard excess baggage rate shall apply in excess of the 20kgs prepaid baggage purchased.  Each baggage shall not weigh more than 32kgs. Passengers will be requested to repack as necessary in compliance with some countries’ health laws.
  7. For the piece system, total of 23kgs is allowed per piece. Passenger may check-in up to a maximum of 2 pieces prepaid baggage per sector.
  8. Prepaid baggage fee is non-re-routable/non-transferable and non-refundable in any case even your actual baggage’s weight is less than the prepaid baggage paid.
  9. Prepaid baggage fee is non-refundable after confirmation email is sent out to your registered email address. However, in cases of flight delayed/cancellation or irregular operation and the passenger decides not to continue his flight, prepaid baggage fee will be refunded fully to the card used.
  10. Your prepaid baggage will be moved to new flight if your original flight is delayed/canceled.
  11. For passengers who wish to change to another flight due to the delay/cancellation, previously issued prepaid baggage may be carried over to the new flight. Change should be done at least 48 hours prior to your departure time.
  12. Small aircraft or operation restriction may limit the baggage allowance a passenger can purchase for safety reasons. In case the prepaid baggage cannot be accepted because of space/weight limitations, it will be loaded to the next available flight with the same origin and destination in accordance with the Airline’s policy and procedures.
  13. Pooling of the checked baggage is allowed if all passengers are traveling together on the same flight number and checking-in at the same time.
  14. Special baggage such as sports equipment, pets, cabin baggage will be charged according to the standard excess baggage rate.
  15. If your actual baggage weight is over prepaid baggage paid, you’ll need to pay for excess baggage according to the standard excess baggage rate at the airport


II. Cebu Pacific airline tickets: Will be updated soon.


III. PAL express tickets: Will be updated soon.


​Above information was updated on May 08 2020.