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A glimpse of Dumaguete

The cool gust of wind from the sea blows into the Dumaguete - the city is located in the southeastern of Negros island softens the summer heat. Do not attach as rhetoric as the "tourist paradise" Boracay, Palawan, Bohoh, Manila or Cebu but you will feel the sweetness of all senses in Dumaguete.

Dumaguete is the capital, the main seaport and the largest city in Negros Oriental province, Philippines, this place makes people feel more ancient than modern. The landmark of the island - Dumaguete Belfry bell tower was built in the 1760s as a tourist attraction. To the left of the bell tower is St. Catherine Church of Alexandria Cathedral always attracting a lot of followers and visitors.

Nightly Dumaguete is also very crowded when visitors often gather in restaurants or outdoor stages where perform music and traditional dances. Rizal is the most crowded place with dense restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment on this road. Not only enjoy the local cuisine, visitors still find the familiar European - Asian dishes if they suddenly crave the homeland flavor.

Dumaguete makes people love from the first time arrived here. The "I love Dumaguete" signs can be found in any place in this city such as at the airport, seaport or at the footpath along Rizal Avenue, where every visitor wants to take a souvenir photograph.

The sweetness in Dumaguete comes from typical local dishes. Dumaguete's dishes are all characterized by the delicious, fatty taste because its ingredients are eggs, butter, chocolate and coconut. However, Sweet aftertaste originates from more friendly and hospitable people. Dumaguete is considered the "city of polite people" with their thoughtfulness, kindness and kindness in daily life. And the smile of Dumaguete people is always radiant like the sun here!

If you've never been visited Dumaguete, plan to get this city to feel the sweetness and peace of a fairy-tale city on Tanon Bay.