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Roxas City

Roxas City - Seafood Capital of the Philippines

The Roxas city, the capital of Capiz province, has been dubbed the "Seafood capital of the Philippines". The abundance of sea creatures in Capiz makes it stand out in providing the freshest seafood in the country. Moreover, this place also has a famous history - the birthplace of Manuel Roxas Former President and you will certainly find many places and things to do here. Try to enjoy your trip to this city. There are too many reasons for you to come here:

  • If you are a seafood addict, this place will be a paradise with seafood not only fresh but not expensive.
  • Roxas owns the 15th largest natural bay in the world - Bay Bay. This is considered the cleanest beach in the Philippines with fine sand and many edible shellfish. You can also easily find seafood restaurants along this coast.
  • Olutayan Island, about 50 km from Roxas, is considered one of the most ideal natural attractions for tourists. This island will surely captivate tourists with sandy beaches and fresh air, wild nature and especially tourists can admire the beautiful sea and island scenery on the boat station.
  • Monica Church and the famous Bell of Panay – the biggest bell in the Philippines and Asia. This is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, an ideal place for history lovers. Or the Moro Tower is the most prominent historical site in Roxas City, a place to testify for the years and the ups and downs of the ancient island nation.

Roxas City now has many convenient and popular means of transportation such as: Taxi is a very popular means. When asking the price, you should specify the destination, price in usd or Peso. Jeepney is a unique public transport with low cost, visitors only spend 5 to 7 peso, this type of long jeep decorated brightly attract many visitors. In addition to taxis and jeepneys, tricycle is also popular vehicles. You will encounter a lot at attractions; easily catch tricycle and very cheap prices.

Roxas City has its own airport located in the city. It will take only about 45 minutes to get this city from Manila. You can also come here by bus from Boracay, from Kalibo or from Iloilo.

You will find many other tourist attractions in this famous seafood city. Take a day to discover Roxas's beauty and feel your own way.