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Why should we go to Isabela?

Isabela province is often forgotten by tourists, primarily because people often turn to white sand beaches in the Ilocos or the highlands of Mountain Province. But if one takes time to dig beneath the province’s surface, you will uncover the town’s rich and vibrant past, colorful festival, beautiful people, and gorgeous attractions that make up its northern charm.

You may have to accept 10 hours of driving or fly from Manila to get here, but you will definitely not regret after the wonderful experience here. The fresh green landscape, corn fields and herds on the side of the highway will be memorable images for you.

If you don't believe it, there are 5 reasons why you should definitely visit this province:

  • Isabela is famous for friendly and kind people. They’re very much accommodating, too, which will make any tourist feel welcome.
  • Bambanti festival held in January every year to honor the rich culture and tradition is a festival that should not be missed if you want to learn about this land’s history.
  • Discover Isabela's historical impression with The Ilagan Japanese Tunnel. This is an artificial tunnel like a prison and storing weapons and treasures during World War II.
  • If you are looking for an adventure, Ilagan Holy Land of 819 hectares will not disappoint you. You will find the first zip line in the Cagayan Valley and you can climb walls, take a cable car, a swan boat or a horse, play a ballpoint, rent a kayak, try a zip bike and finish an obstacle course. You can visit the caves and approach the animals at its mini zoo. Certainly, one day will not be enough to try everything!
  • You will easily love the food here. All tastes fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Try Pancit Cabagan, delicious Moriecos, famous Pinilisa rice, monggo beans, longganisa spicy, and their delightful corn.

Isabela is really a destination that you can't miss when traveling in the Philippines, try exploring this land and feel your own way.