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Bangkok has attracted millions of visitors annually for decades, offering tourists an incredible experience of cultural tradition-meets-modernity. It’s got world-class food, stunning historical landmarks, and some of the best hospitality around the globe. But what else makes this Southeast Asian destination so unique?

The Grand Palace is located on over 54 acres and was once the private home of the Thai monarchy. The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and is now Bangkok’s most visited attraction, due to the gold plated walls, Buddhist sculptures, and elaborate paintings. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is also known as Wat Phra Kaew and is the most popular temple at the palace. Along one of the inside walls, you will find a mural of the Ramayana, which is the longest wall painting in the world.

Bangkok is well-known for its street food. Visit places like Patpong Night Market or Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and you will not be disappointed with the variety, flavors or taste. Thai food incorporates five different flavors in every dish and they include spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Some of the best street food dishes are Thai rice noodles, papaya salad, skewers of marinated and grilled meat, and multiple Thai desserts.

There are plenty of shopping markets for you to visit in Bangkok. You can choose from open-air markets, high-end shopping plazas or their authentic floating markets. If you visit one of the floating markets, you will see the merchants rowing their small wooden boats along the water. These boats will be filled with all of the items that they are selling. An amazing place to have an authentic photo shoot session with your Bangkok-based personal photographer.Whether visitors are staying in the Land of Smiles for one day or one month, Thai food is so delicious and diverse that visitors should never have to eat the same dish twice. Visitors will even find that the cuisine changes as their location does, keeping their food options interesting as they venture from one city to the next.

Floating markets is one sight you won’t see anywhere else other than in Southeast Asia. Picture this – anchored on either side of the river, boats stocked to the brim with fresh tropical fruit and veggies, coconut juice, and local food which has been lovingly tendered on open grills. The best way to go about exploring Bangkok’s floating markets is to hop aboard one of the many guided boat tours on offer.

On dry land, your method of transport has to be a Tuk Tuk (a three-wheeled taxi). They look bizarre. In fact, they are bizarre. But the experience of riding in one is not to be missed. Just hold on to your valuables! It’s a hairy experience, zipping in and out of the dense traffic.

The city of Bangkok has so much to offer along the lines of history, culture, traditions and architectural beauty. Your time in the city will be exciting and full of adventure as you visit temples, food vendors and shopping markets. Many people love visiting Bangkok because it can be relaxing even if you are continuously exploring the city and the sites.