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Manila – The ancient and modern city

The Philippines is known as a tourist paradise with beautiful and splendid capitals. One of the most famous capitals is Manila. This is the capital that brings in its youthful modern features but equally charming, along with the bustle of commercial centers

Manila is a stopover for many travelers so there isn’t really a “best time” to visit - Manila is not the whole (story of) the Philippines.  Because, after that, the Philippines' best beaches or scenery are not to be found in this bustling metropolis of 10 million people.

Manila is famous for its lively commercial center that can be compared to the famous commercial centers of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. If you really are a shopaholic, then this is a must-see destination with famous shopping centers such as Park Square, Rustan to choose luxury goods on fashion and cosmetics ... Or Quiabo market with Chinatown are also cheap shopping addresses in Manila you should not miss.

Not only is it famous as the most modern capital of the Philippines, tourists still have the opportunity to explore the ancient beauty of this country when visiting the famous tourist spots of Manila:

That is the Intramuros ancient city with its unique and exquisite architecture shown through the magnificent palaces, there are 12 churches and detention prisons in which the most highlight and architectures is Quiapo Ancient Church according to Spanish architecture.

Fort Santiago: this is one of the famous tourist attractions in Manila, Santiago detention prison is the symbol and pride of Spain

Greenbelt Chapel is located near the eponymous park in the famous Manila religious building, with its unique and exquisite architecture next to the Greenbelt Park and shopping centers of luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Diesel...

Or you can admire and enjoy the stretching green coastline along the wide horizon in Manila Bay - the favorite entertainment destination in the Philippines.

In addition, do not forget to enjoy a lot of delicious specialties in Manila capital such as: fresh seafood, Philippines fried chicken, grilled chicken, tofu ... The dishes here brings attractive colors like orange or yellow of turmeric. Philippines’s dishes that make very few vegetables, the cuisine here which is not spicy are unique feature in Manila cuisine. In addition, the street foods in Manila are welcomed by tourists. In general, the dishes in Manila always bring a beautiful impression in the hearts of tourists, so don't forget to enjoy delicious dishes here.

Some tips:

-           Some international hotels in Manila Bay (Ermita) or Makati offer great buffets for lunch or dinne. Of course, cheaper options at wet markets or strip shopping (streetside) restaurants are also available if that is your scene or your budget

-           The three lines of the MRT/ LRT elevated metro rail remain a secret to visitors, but a P100 multi-ride ticket allows you to bypass the queues as you join 400000 locals on MRT LIne 1 alone

-           Since the geographical position of the Philippines is an island state, international tourists can only get there by plane as the safest and most convenient. You can easily buy tickets directly to Manila International Airport through reputable airlines such as Philippines Airlines, Vietnam airlines and Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Do not confine your experience to Manila, and make Manila a stay for only a minority of your trip, but do visit, because it is really a melting pot of cultures.