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General Santos

General Santos - Tuna Capital of the Philippines

Named as the Tuna capital of the Philippines, Santos city recognizes itself as the country's largest sashimi tuna producer.

The first destination you must experience is the fishing port complex located in Barangay Tambler, General Santos city in the early morning. At this fishing port, you will be admired tunas which are as big as human being weighed and classified. Note that shorts are not allowed in this place. You will be asked to rent a pair of shoes here, so it's best to bring socks to protect your foot.

If you care and want to learn about Manny pacquiao, who has brought great honor to this country, you shoud buy a tour around the General Santos city with the "Pac Pacman Adventures" service package.

The trip to Sebu Lake, South of Cotabaco is a great idea when you want to experience great services like lake cruises; 7 falls and their Zipline Adventurers.

You also cannot miss the Tuna festival held in September every year. This is a festivity which showcases the main industry of the city, the Tuna. The festival stands out with imposing parades in the street and tasting of several dish tuna.

For a great cuisine experience here, you can't miss the Tiongson Arcade - which offers a variety of restautants with a variety of seafood options. In addition to providing their cooked specialties, this place also sells unprocessed products for you to choose and they will cook according to your preferences.

It is very easy to get there by plan. General Santos International Airport always has daily flights from Manila, Iloilo and Cebu. Or you can catch some bus routes from many places in the Mindaonao area.

If you're a discovering lover, let go to General Santos to experience the culinary culture here.